2009 March 3nd Tuesday (三月 三日 火曜日)

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   Today I found an error in SI-net Editor Thread when I am studying it.  From the design, we can know when
the eventhandler program initializing, the info files which point, remote, SCOL, unit and ERU type message
need is loaded into, and the SI-net Editor Thread is created.

  As that way, after received a message by the SI-net Editor Thread, the message can be edited according to
its type and can get information from memory.

  However, there is wrong!  As matter of a fact, the info file on point type message is not loaded when the
eventhandler program starting up.

  It delayed at the initialization of the SI-net Editor Thread.  When loading the info file, the SI-net Thread
check the flags, from the flags's value, the Thread determined whether substitute another file without alarm
for that.

  The design is old, and is not modified transitively.