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  • 自动维护和强制关闭单元测试数据库(支持Oracle,Hsqldb,MySql,DB2),
  • 简化单元测试数据库连接的设置,
  • 简化利用DBUnit测试数据的插入,
  • 简化Hibernate session管理,
  • 自动测试与数据库相映射的Hibernate映射对象。
  • 简化EasyMock mock对象创建,
  • 简化mock对象注入,利用反射等式匹配EasyMock参数。
    在与Spring集成时易于把spring管理的bean注入到单元测试中,支持在单元测试中使用一个用Spring配置的Hibernate SessionFactory。

  • 功能点:

    反射断言 (Reflection assert)

    • Equality assertion through reflection
    • Possibility to ignore order of collections and Java default/null values

    MOCK模块(Mock module) - Makes mocking easy and maintainable

    • Simple syntax for defining and asserting invoked behavior
    • Gives you the best possible feedback so you can easily find out why a test is failing
    • Argument matchers, partial mocking, stubbing behavior, dummy objects...

    注入模块(Inject module) -Easily inject test artifacts into classes and instances

    • Inject values by type and name
    • Inject into static fields, e.g. singletons, and automatically reset the old value after the test

    IO模块(IO module) - Support for performing IO in tests

    • Creating temporary files and directories
    • Loading the contents of files into objects

    数据库测试(Database testing) -Support for testing with databases and loading of DbUnit data sets

    • Simplify test database connection setup
    • Support for setting up a separate schema/database per developer
    • Transactional testing
    • Easy loading of data sets
    • Multi-schema data sets
    • Expected data set assertions

    数据库维护自动测试 (Automatic test database maintenance) -Use DbMaintain to automatically bring your unit test databases up to date before running your tests

    • Automatic maintenance of databases with support for incremental, repeatable and post processing scripts
    • Automatically disable constraints and set sequences to a minimum value
    • Generating an XSD of the database structure for dataset xml files

    Hibernate模块(Hibernate module) -Support for Hibernate database testing

    • Hibernate SessionFactory creation and session management
    • Automatically test the mapping of JPA entities / hibernate mapped objects with the database

    Spring模块(Spring module) -Support for testing when your project uses Spring

    • ApplicationContext configuration and easy injection of spring managed beans into a unit test
    • Support for using a Spring-configured Hibernate SessionFactory in unit tests.

    EasyMock模块(EasyMock module) -Helps you set up tests that use EasyMock as a mocking framework

    • Simplify EasyMock mock object creation
    • EasyMock argument matching using reflection equality