Sublime Text 3正式版发布

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Sublime Text 3正式版发布



1. Windows 32位版

2. Windows 64位版

3. Ubuntu 32位版

4. Ubuntu 64位版

二、Sublime Text 3介绍

The most beautiful and light text editor for designers as well as developers SUBLIME TEXT 3 released for registered users with lots of new features and higher stability. This new version is compatible with all operating systems which supports Sublime Text 2 but unfortunately not compatible with OS X 10.6 because there is no C++11 toolchain for OS X 10.6, and Sublime Text 3 makes extensive use of functionality in C++11.

New features of Sublime Text 3:

Symbol Indexing:- Now you can find symbols in your project and build index of all files which contains that symbol. New features Goto Definition and Goto Symbol in Project, both of which are available from the Goto menu.

Pane Management:- Now you can quickly move files between panes. You can easily create and destroy pane with command. You can find new options under View/Groups, View/Focus Group and View/Move file to Group.

Speed:- Startup time of Sublime Text 3 is immediate.

New API:- Sublime Text 3 uses Python 3.3 for plugins to remove risk crashing the main Sublime Text process. The API is also fully thread-safe, and provides several callbacks that run asynchronously (e.g., on_modified_async). There are also new API functions, including full access to the project data.