TA-Mapper v1.1: Application Pen-Testing Effort Estimator

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Brief Overview: Time and Attack Mapper (alternatively known as TA-Mapper) is
an effort estimator tool for blackbox security assessment (or Penetration
Testing) of applications. This tool provides more accurate estimation when
compared to rough estimation. Penetration testers who always has hard time
explaining/justifying the efforts charged (or quoted) to their customers can
find this tool handy by able to calculate efforts with greater accuracy
required for application penetration testing.

What's new in v1.1?



1.  The "Optimise Effort" options is provided for advance
correction/optimisation of effort. It allows users to further optimise the
efforts by considering automation component as a part of test approach.

2.  Report can be generated both in HTML and MS Excel format (More report
options may come up in the later release)           

Bug Fixes:


1. Few cosmetic fixes including few functional issues

2. Fixed the _silly_ custom values settings issue

Download TA-Mapper v1.1 here: